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Join the #HandofHellChallenge now!

Can you survive GHOST PEPPER Tempeh Chips and win big prizes?


Save MORE with bigger bundles!

  • Bundle of 4: EXTRA 5% off
  • Bundle of 10: EXTRA 10% off


Our CRUMBL Tempeh Chips are amped up to the next spicy level with ghost pepper powder! Using 100% real ghost peppers, this super spicy variant of our tried and true delicious tempeh chips makes it the single spiciest tempeh chip in Singapore!


What's more, we're collaborating directly with the folks from TikTok to bring you the single HARDEST Spicy Challenge in TikTok Singapore! Gather your family and friends and take part in our delicious and spicy tempeh chips challenge now!


How to join?

  1. Get a pack of CRUMBL Ghost Pepper Tempeh Chips
  2. Record yourself finishing the whole packet in 60s
  3. Post it on TikTok
  • Tag us @CrumblSG
  • Use #HandofHellChallenge


Stand a chance to win a PRISM Gaming Monitor and Apple AirPods PRO Gen 2 when you enter!

Ghost Pepper Tempeh Chips