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Cartoon image of Tempeh Chip
Cartoon image of Tempeh Chip
Cartoon image of Tempeh Chip

"I'm FED UP with feeling guilty about my snacks"

With these immortal words, CRUMBL was born. It started with a question, then a frustration and finally, an obsession. It is our firm belief at CRUMBL that EVERYBODY, regardless of race, language or religion, should be able to enjoy the tastiest of snacks, absolutely guilt-free.

We pride ourselves on our CRUMBL Tempeh Chips being deliciously nutty and savoury, while also being high in protein and made from hand-selected wholesome soy beans.

Cartoon image of Tempeh Chip
Cartoon image of Tempeh Chip
Cartoon image of Tempeh Chip


Cartoon image of Tempeh Chip

Tempeh was born around a thousand years ago on the island of Java in Indonesia and is the only historical major soy-based food to come directly out of Southeast Asia. 

Tempeh is made by fermenting soy beans. The result is a solid block of soy beans, firm in texture and funky and nutty in flavour from the fermentation process. It is also chock-full of probiotics thanks to the ferment!

Cartoon image of Tempeh Chip

Why Tempeh Chips?

Cartoon image of Tempeh Chip

The nutty, almost meaty flavour of Tempeh lends itself to the creation of a delicious and savoury chip- we slice them thin for that extra crispy bite. And the best part? Since our Tempeh Chips are made from soy beans that have been carefully fermented by our chefs in Indonesia, they are naturally high in plant-based soy protein and share the probiotic benefits of Tempeh. The funky taste that some people find off-putting with Tempeh is also eliminated when we turn it into our scrumptious chips!

When your order a bag of CRUMBL Tempeh Chips, you never have to sacrifice flavour NOR feel bad about yourself from snacking.  Flavour always comes first with our Tempeh Chips- we work closely with our Indonesian partners to make sure that as Singaporeans we'd also love the taste of these as addictive, easy to eat snacks.

Enjoy the flavour of Tempeh Chips that are just as tasty as your favourite potato chip snack, without feeling ANY of the guilt!

Banner for crumbl tempeh chip making process

From bean to doorstep, Indonesia to Singapore, how we bring our delicious tempeh chips to you!

Soy beans in pod about to be made into Tempeh Chips

Picking fresh soybeans

Quality soybeans are first selected locally in Indonesia, from the best varieties available. The beans are soaked, have their hulls removed, and then dried in preparation for the fermentation process.

CRUMBL Tempeh Chips mascot looking surprised
Paw prints of CRUMBL Tempeh Chips mascot

Carefully controlling the fermentation process

The batch of beans is then inoculated with a fermentation starter. Temperature, humidity and time spent fermenting are all controlled to make sure the tempeh comes out just right. 

Soy beans on a leaf to be made into Tempeh Chips
Cartoon image of many CRUMBL Tempeh Chips

'Chippifying' the tempeh

After the tempeh has formed, the fluffy block of beans is sliced up into thin tempeh chips, ready for cooking. The tempeh chips are cooked till a beautiful golden brown, before being set aside to cool. 

Packaging our CRUMBL tempeh chips

The tempeh chips are then packaged into the happy little CRUMBL packs of goodness to be kept fresh.

Cartoon image of bag of CRUMBL Tempeh Chips
Packed box of CRUMBL Tempeh Chips

Delivering CRUMBL straight to your doorstep

We ensure that each pack of CRUMBL tempeh chips is delivered to you safely.

CRUMBL Tempeh Chips mascot holding a magnifying glass
Paw prints of CRUMBL Tempeh Chips mascot
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