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Deliciousness. Crunchiness. And everything nice for your health.

These are the ingredients to make the perfect little snack.


But we soon realised we couldn’t find a snack embodying all of these in the supermarket aisles, and set out to create something we could truly enjoy- guilt free, all the time. The resulting bean of our labor is CRUMBL, an all-delicious, all-healthy, protein-rich super snack. Packed full of micronutrients from carefully controlled fermentation and sliced paper-thin, each chip is pure crunchy, crumbly, nutritious delight. 

Handmade Soy Protein Premium Chips



Tempeh was born perhaps a thousand years ago on the island of Java in the Indonesian archipelago. This amazing product is the only historical major soy-based food to come directly out of Southeast Asia. The use of soybeans and the fermentation process causes tempeh to have the same chunky texture and meaty flavor properties as its animal-based counterparts. When sliced thin and fried till golden brown, you get chips high in protein and even more delicious and meaty than any potato chip could ever hope to be.

crumbl process

Picking fresh soybeans

Quality soybeans are first selected locally, from the best varieties available. The beans are soaked, have their hulls removed, and then dried in preparation for the fermentation process

Tempeh Chips
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Carefully controlling the fermentation process

The batch of beans is then inoculated with a fermentation starter. Temperature, humidity and time spent fermenting are all controlled to make sure the tempeh comes out just right. 

crumbl process-08.png
crumbl process

'Chippifying' the tempeh

After the tempeh has formed, the fluffy block of beans is sliced up into thin chips, ready for cooking. The chips are cooked till a beautiful golden brown, before being set aside to cool. 

Packaging our CRUMBL tempeh chips

They’re then packaged into the happy little packs of CRUMBL goodness to be kept fresh.

crumbl process-10.png
crumbl process

Delivering CRUMBL straight to your doorstep

We ensure that each pack of CRUMBL goodness is delivered to you safely.

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